Autodesk Build Now Globally Available

On Tuesday, the 9th of February 2021, Autodesk announced that “Autodesk Build” is now available to users globally. Initially announced at Autodesk University 2020, Autodesk Build now provides construction teams with a single solution for project management, quality, safety, cost, and closeout. As part of Autodesk Construction Cloud, a subscription to Autodesk Build also includes and is reinforced by:

  • Autodesk Docs – A document management solution that underpins Autodesk Build’s CDE, providing users with seamless navigation and integrated workflows to create a single source of truth across the project lifecycle.
  • Insights – Analytics capabilities that support the ability to collect, interpret and export project data; encompasses Construction IQ artificial intelligence to identify and mitigate risk.
  • Administration – Project setup tools including centralized user management and permissioning capabilities, templates and single-sign-on.

Autodesk also made announcements around its cloud collaboration solutions for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) design teams: Autodesk Docs is now also included in the AEC Collection, BIM 360 Design is now “Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro” and “Autodesk BIM Collaborate” is now available globally.

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