Every company wants to make their team as effective as possible and therefore, they strive to train their teams to achieve better performance. An unqualified and poorly trained individual might work well with minor tasks at the beginning, but sooner or later, they will need to be given opportunities to grow and develop their capabilities.

Knowing this does not make training and development less of investment because, at its core, it can be a huge expense. It requires time, planning and resources. However, well-trained team members also make fewer mistakes and because they feel valued and appreciated, training may also increase their commitment.

We believe that training shall be developed in a manner that is cost-efficient and focuses on the real challenges and opportunities your team may have. It is counter-productive to offer out-of-the-box training to a team that does not address their individual needs. A skills assessment can help you to identify those who need training. We offer a range of flexible and bespoke training options.

  • BIM Modelling & Documentation: Software training courses aimed at helping you make best use of Autodesk Revit and Dynamo for design and construction.
  • BIM Coordination & Collaboration: Training courses and implementation services for Autodesk Navisworks Manage and the Autodesk Construction Cloud.
  • BIM Management & Certification: A buildingSMART approved Professional Certification course that allows you to get an internationally recognised qualification.

Whatever you need, the most cost-effective solution we offer is live online training and support. Focusing training on specific BIM uses or workflows also allows us to shorten the training time without reducing its effectiveness. Ultimately, we develop a training and development curriculum that suits your needs.

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Employees appreciate opportunities to learn.

If your goal is a digital transformation, training and development will focus on building the necessary people capabilities to make that possible.

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