Although BIM capability accreditation is optional, compliance with the ISO 19650 series is more and more often mandated by clients as part of their tender documents, becoming the norm for any organisation willing to be considered in large project delivery.

There are broadly two types of BIM capability accreditation available. The first is organisational capability accreditation, where companies are audited for alignment to specific BIM standards or protocols such as ISO 19650.2.

Such certification provides an additional level of confidence to an appointing party by having an independent third party assessing the prospective lead appointed party’s systems as part of their accreditation process.

The second type of BIM capability accreditation is aimed at individuals who want to be educated and trained to an assured level of BIM competence. This is even more critical to ensure that individuals working on a project have the skills to do so.

An appointing party should have confidence that the individuals they have contracted understand how to approach and carry out the project under the ISO 19650 standards.

There are only a few certifications that have real credence and that are aligned with up-to-date best practices. The buildingSMART Professional Certification (PCERT) Program is one for which Modmation is an approved training partner.

PCERT is a program built on an international learning outcome framework designed to educate and certify individuals to a recognised level of competence consistent with international standards and best practices.

Whether you are part of an architecture practice, a construction company, an engineering firm, or an O&M organisation, Modmation can assist you in gaining a competitive advantage with BIM certification.

220517 Modmation PCERT Training Provider

As an approved training provider, we can educate and train you to take the PCERT exam and become individually certified, gaining a recognised individual qualification. There are two levels to  the PCERT program:

  1. The Foundation level addresses knowledge and comprehension around openBIM principles (knowledge-based learning). This level of training is divided into specific learning curricula.
  2. The Practitioner level (currently in development) addresses practical expertise through the individual’s ability to apply, analyse and evaluate activities at work.

Individuals wishing to become certified must complete training using a buildingSMART-approved training provider to be entitled to take the exam.

The specific Modmation course that supports this program is the ‘buildingSMART Professional Certification Foundation Basic’ course. Click here for more information or register now to save your seat for the next PCERT training course.