Software tools and workflows are always evolving, with new software constantly emerging to solve problems and inefficiencies within the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations (AECO) industry. You can sometimes feel overwhelmed in the face of so much change and there is often a desire to stick with a current technology and processes rather than looking for better ways to do things.

But the status quo threatens innovation and puts your company in danger of failure. By investing in software skill assessment and training, you are investing in growth, empowering your team to keep up, and get ahead. The individual competencies of your team are a fundamental part of your company’s BIM capability or BIM maturity level, that describes its ability to operate and exchange information.

Many companies have already started to invest in their teams and to adopt their digital project delivery systems. To enable your team to develop their abilities, it is important to identify the BIM competencies within your company that need to be learned, applied on your projects, and measured for the purpose of your company’s performance improvement.

We use online skills assessment and survey tools to gain an understanding of your staff’s skillset and awareness of processes used in the execution of your projects. We can also combine these tools with in-person interviews to evaluate the skillsets of new hires and to guide skills improvement over time.

Summarising all this data within a BIM Maturity Matrix or BIM Maturity Measurement tool will allow you to evaluate the true state of development in your company, highlighting the skills gaps and identifying where your team could benefit from further training and support.

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Allocate the right resources to the right project.

Skills assessments help identify your staff’s skillset and awareness of processes used in the execution of your projects.