NATSPEC BEP Templates 2024

Last month, NATSPEC has released their updated NATSPEC Pre-Appointment and Delivery Team BIM Execution Plan (BEP) templates, now freely available from During their development, both templates were distributed to selected individuals within our AEC industry, including Modmation who were one of the active reviewers of the updated templates.

Published in 2016 and updated in April 2024, the templates have now adopted the AS ISO 19650 terminology, concepts and principles and are structured around processes described in the standard. Also, the template sections are now based on the three aspects of producing information identified in AS ISO 19650.1, Section 5:

  • Commercial – Aspects of information delivery relevant to appointment or contract conditions, e.g. delivery team members, information purposes, information deliverables.
  • Management – Management processes to be adopted for the implementation of BIM, e.g. information quality assurance, information security and privacy and CDE management. In describing these requirements, reference may be made to standards and procedures described in more detail in the technical section.
  • Technical – Technical requirements or provisions that support the delivery and management of information, e.g. details of information technology, project infrastructure requirements and technical standards applicable to the project.

The templates are not an end in themselves, but aids that support project management tasks by providing a framework for capturing key decisions and information.

At Modmation, we believe that this update is an important contribution to improving BIM practice in Australia and we like to thank the NATSPEC team for the ongoing maintenance and development of the NATSPEC BIM Execution Plan (BEP) templates with objective insights focused on making our industry better.

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