A Guide to Contemporary Practices

The Australasian BIM Advisory Board (ABAB) has unveiled their latest guide ‘Harmonisation of Building Information Modelling and Digital Engineering Services Procurement: A Guide to Contemporary Practices’.

Andrew Curthoys, Chair of ABAB, said “This guide aims to streamline the procurement of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Engineering (DE) services, anticipating the growth in demand from Australasian governments, and to provide confidence to industry to invest”

Established in 2017, ABAB represents an innovative partnership in the Australasian building sector, uniting government and industry to enhance project outcomes through BIM. With this new guide, ABAB addresses the current inconsistencies in BIM requirements, offering a flexible template for various government jurisdictions and agencies.

Andrew Curthoys acknowledged the work of Transport for NSW noting that, “The DE Services Prequalification Scheme by Transport for NSW and insights from BIM experts has ensured that the guide is tailored for government agencies looking to procure BIM services and BIM providers aiming to collaborate with the government”.

This release underscores ABAB’s commitment to driving consistency, fostering competition, and promoting best practices in the BIM services sector. The guide is a testament to the collaborative spirit of Australasia’s building sector, poised to improve the future of BIM and DE services procurement.

The Australasian BIM Advisory Board established by the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) and the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF), together with the key standard-setting bodies, NATSPEC, buildingSMART and Standards Australia, promotes best practice and consistent approaches to BIM practices, standards and requirements. ABAB guidance materials are available at: www.ABAB.net.au.

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