Why Companies Hire a BIM Consultant

When companies decide that it is time to invest in a BIM system, they often have to decide whether or not to invest in a BIM consultant to go along with it. At first glance, it can be puzzling why companies would not just solve their own problems – whether it be their companywide digital transformation or just a new BIM process for a project – themselves. But there are many reasons why companies need BIM consultants:

  • Using a fresh set of eyes. When people deal with a personal issue in their life, they turn to friends and family for their opinions. Companies often need this, too, especially when making tough decisions. So, you may turn to an independent BIM consultant like us to come in, look at a problem in a new, unbiased way and provide their advice.
  • Identifying the problems. Sometimes, you may be too close to a problem to see a new solution. Chances are, a BIM consultant has already done a project like yours. They may know the necessary steps and common issues. Use their expertise and experience to help you execute your project, and you will have fewer surprises along the way.
  • Having the right expertise. Since BIM consultants work in a specific area of the AECO industry, they are not only good in what they do, but also learn the ins and outs and therefore, become experts. If your project requirements are something new to you, hiring a BIM consultant means you do not have to become an expert yourself.
  • Having Experience. Of course, BIM consultants do not become experts in their fields overnight. It took them several projects and years to obtain the level of knowledge that they have today. Also, they work with many different companies and may have worked through your problem before with someone else. That allows them to provide a perspective based on best practices and lessons learned or bring possible challenges to the table.
  • Supplementing your staff. Sometimes the problem you need to solve is essential, but you do not have the resources available, and new projects typically require you to reprioritizing employees’ responsibilities. But hiring a new staff member to fill this gap does not always make sense either. A BIM consultant can support you as a highly-skilled team member who is not full-time employed, so it is often cheaper to use them than hiring someone new.
  • Providing specialized skills. Companies also hire a BIM consultant to gain access to a specialized skill set that might not exist in-house. By engaging a BIM consultant on-demand, you get access to a group of highly technical people who would not only be expensive to hire on a full-time basis, but you might not have enough work to keep them busy all year round. With a BIM Consultant, you can bring in that skill set on-demand when you need it.
  • Creating a safe zone. Sometimes, it can be challenging for companies to take the necessary actions without getting wrapped up in emotions or politics. A BIM consultant does not work within your company and therefore, is not influenced by it. If you present a problem to them, their solution is based on the information you gave them and not a personal bias. If there is an internal debate, they can mediate that discussion and provide impartial advice.
  • Offering training and support. Of course, it is a BIM consultant’s task to keep up with new developments in their field of expertise, so they can provide valuable input when you are seeking help for a specific area. Maybe you do not need them to plan your project, but it is always a great idea to ask for advice along the way. Most BIM consultants offer training and support as part of their services to increase your team’s efficiency and productivity.
  • Becoming a long-lasting partner. Hiring an BIM consultant does not have to be a short-term commitment. Depending on the type of your project, you may find that you need continued help after handover. If you work with us, you work with a dedicated BIM consultant who always tries to build a trusting relationship with you and your team. When you have questions, you already know who to ask for help, and they already know your concerns.

As you can see, BIM consultants support companies in many ways and hiring them is an investment in your project’s success or the entire company. At Modmation, we provide you with an expert BIM Consulting service. If you choose to work with us, we will use our experience and expertise to provide the support you and your team need. We can help you avoid common project delays, navigate through unclear BIM requirements and overcome information exchange issues. After all, this is the difference between getting the project done right and getting the project done.

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