Modular, Prefab & Construction Tech Senate

The Modular, Prefab & Construction Tech Senate 2022 took place between May 11th and 12th in Sydney, Australia. This year’s event was about reinventing practices for faster, leaner and higher quality construction through cutting-edge innovations. As part of the conference, our own Maciej Wypych (CTO & Co-Founder at Modmation) presented an industry talk about the ‘Innovation through Advanced BIM Management – Improving Product Management and Optimisation’.

“A key to successful automation and optimisation of the delivery of the prefabricated construction is a clear definition of your organisation’s information requirements.”

Maciej Wypych, CTO Modmation

The Modular, Prefab & Construction Tech Senate aims to create a premier destination for professionals working across the built environment to gain insights and experience first-hand the latest innovations and opportunities in modern methods of construction. The attendees learn how to streamline workflows, improve productivity, expand the scope of projects, expand access to data, enhance collaboration and generate more substantial profit margins.

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