bSA BIMcreds – Recognising BIM Competence

Have you ever asked yourself why accreditation matters in our industry? Why you should ask for proof of accreditation when working with a BIM consultant? As you may know, an accreditation itself does not teach anything but it assesses if a professional has the appropriate level of knowledge and skill to perform a job safely, effectively and ethically.

In 2017, buildingSMART Australasia (bSA) has partnered with experts in the BIM field to develop a robust methodology to assess the knowledge of BIM practitioners. Today, the BIMcreds accreditation for architects and engineers (design) allows Modmation to gain professional recognition and validation (strategic, managerial and technical) via a rigorous online assessment process of the skills and expertise that our team has acquired through study, networking and years of practical experience.

  • Strategic: is aimed at those that are in a high level within their business or project structure. They are generally external sales teams and those that are selling the business capabilities to market;
  • Managerial: is the tactical level which drives projects, project teams and discipline teams. They generally create a project management plan and are responsible for the project running on time and within budget; and
  • Technical: these people define and manage the technical needs of projects, ranging from IT through to application workflows.

As a certified BIM consultant, the strategic, managerial and technical accreditation offers us a mechanism for demonstrating the competence of our team, using it as a proof of expert knowledge (certificates of completion). At the same time, it can assist you in understanding the actual capabilities of the teams that are bidding for your project and provide you with confidence in the skills of the BIM consultant that you may want to hire.

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