We’ve joint the NSW Prequalification Scheme

We are happy to announce that MODMATION has been accepted by the NSW Government to be part of the Prequalification Scheme: Performance and Management Services – SCM0005.

The Performance and Management Services Prequalification Scheme (PMS Scheme) includes prequalified suppliers that NSW Government agencies may engage to provide professional services including consultancies.

The categories in the PMS Scheme include but are not limited to “Government & Business Strategy”, “Business Processes”, “Project Management”, “Change Management”, “Audit, Quality Assurance & Risk”, “Specialised Services” and “Infrastructure”.

During the application process, we had to identify our areas of substantial expertise by nominating the categories (engagement type and sub-engagement types) in which we were seeking prequalification.

Also visit us on Building Connected and the Autodesk Services Marketplace for more information.

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