We Changed Our Name … Why?

We are proud to announce that from the 1st of February 2021, we are changing our company name to Modmation.

The name change results from a rebranding effort designed to mirror the significant growth and transformation our company has undergone in the last few months.

Modmation combines Modeling and Automation. We came up with this name, to provide you with a better description of what we do; the modelling & documentation processes we support, and our focus on process automation and efficiency.

Our new identity will help us reflect better who we are and all we have to offer, improving our global presence and engagement with new and existing clients.

We have introduced three pillars in our growing range of services under the Modmation brand:

  • Consulting – As an independent consultant, we advise owners, architects, engineers, and contractors on making BIM and Digital Engineering work for their companies.
  • Documentation – As a strategic outsourcing partner, we offer a wide array of modelling and documentation services, helping you increase your company’s productivity.
  • Development – As a software developer, we help you apply process automation to your workflows, introducing software solutions to increase your efficiency and productivity.

Our new company name will not affect existing commercial relations with our customers, partners, contracts, personnel, and shareholders.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to delivering the services you need with this new branding.

You will continue to receive communication and resources as we roll out the new Modmation branding and messaging. In the meantime, check out our updated website and keep your eye on exciting things to come!