Holger de Groot joins Our Team

We are excited to have Holger de Groot joining the Pansanté team as CEO of Pansanté Australia.

Holger’s career as an architect began in Germany when he joined a company that has been delivering health service buildings for over 60 years. Here, Holger has worked with his team on competitions, including the redesign of the New Medical Clinic in Darmstadt, resulting in a follow-up order for the company.

Since 2013, Holger is focused on using BIM and Digital Engineering to drive a positive change in the AECO industry. He has led the BIM implementation across multiple offices in Germany and Australia and has been responsible for advising leadership teams on BIM strategies, interacting with various disciplines, and advising on BIM matters at all levels. Now he is the CEO and Founder of Pansanté Australia.

“At Pansanté I have the great opportunity to implement BIM with a team of excellent architects and engineers. Working together with contractors, it will also allow us to embrace the concept of Digital Engineering to increase efficiency and productivity during the design and documentation phase while reducing risks and errors during the construction phase.”

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